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Staining, Sealing & Gap Filling

We offer a complete Staining, Sealing & Gap Filling service.

Floorboard Varnishing & Sealing
Once a floor has been completely sanded it is extremely porous & requires finishing with lacquer (varnish) or oil to protect it. Lacquer is the most practical, attractive & hard wearing, way to finish a floor & necessitates the least maintenance all round. The quality of the seal that goes onto your floor is perhaps the most important part of the entire sanding process.

The varnish we use is water based polyurethane or acid curing plastic floor coating (industrial / school halls etc). We usually apply five coats of the water based varnish. This is because water based varnish has a low solids content & we feel five coats provides a deep silky sheen. In addition the varnish we use is of a commercial standard & so is extremely durable (& we have yet to go back to a job).

The porous nature of a newly sanded floor needs a good quality lacquer (varnish) or oil to provide protection. The most practical & durable & attractive options is to use a lacquer which will reduce the need for subsequent maintenance. The selection & application of a suitable seal is a key element in the while sanding & floorboard renovation process.